Dreamy Macaron
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*Sold in limited quantity, on Nov.2th, 2018 at p.m. 1:00 .

Limited to 50 sets worldwide.


Dreamy " Macaron "

Make up Design : Lina

Skin : White

Wig :  Babypink blond Curly-bobcut 
Eyes : Oscardoll Special eyes (16mm)
Outfit Design:  Fairyfable
   dress , head dress, pumpkin pants , short stocking
Shoes :  Maryjane (White,matt)

* Including 

Doll (head + body)
Faceup (including eyelashes)
Basic box



* Limited items are not restocked after sold out.


* Faceup work is handwork so that there can be natural difference among faceup. 


* Dolls are shipped within 80days since payment confirmed date. 



* Size information


Height :26cm

Circumference of Head : 16.5cm

Girth of Bust  : 11.5cm

Width of Shoulders (from right to left)  : 5.7cm

Girth of Waist :11cm

Length of Arm (from shoulder to wrist) : 7cm

Length of Hand  : 3cm

Girth of Hips  : 13.5cm

Length of Leg (from thigh ball to ankle)  : 11cm

Length of Foot  : 3.8cm

Width of Foot  : 1.8cm