Baby Miu
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Dollt type : Baby Miu


* Including 

ㆍNormal skin
ㆍDoll (head + body)
ㆍEyes: acrylic eyes 14mm (Random)
ㆍBasic box

ㆍFace up: Please select option.

* Body size
Height : 16cm
Head : 5.8inch
Neck : 4.4cm
Chest size : 8.7cm
Waist : 8.9cm
Hip : 9.8cm
Arm : 4cm
Waist ~ankle : 6.8cm
Foot : 2.3cm



* Wig, Outfit, Shoes is not included.


* Faceup work is handwork so that there can be natural difference among faceup.


* Dolls are shipped within 60 days since payment confirmed date.