Dreamy kittens...BabyDaisy
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Aug. 3th, 2016 at am10:00 - Aug. 7th ,2016 at pm 5:00(KST).


Dreamy kittens...BabyDaisy


Make up Design : Lina

Skin : White

Wig :  Babypink curl
Eyes : Glass Cobalt  (14mm)

Outfit Design:  Linachoucou

        dress , bonnet, pumpkin pants , socks
Shoes : Babypink Maryjane (matt)

* Kitty Ear parts are optional. Limited Edition Set does not include Cat-Ear parts.


* The  Kitty Ear parts are white colored and not painted.


* To see the detail, check this out the following link.
LINK : http://linachouchou.net/shop/step1.php?number=83


* Including 

Doll (head + body)
Faceup (including eyelashes)
Basic box



* Limited items are not restocked after sold out.

* Faceup work is handwork so that there can be natural difference among faceup.

* Please understand that we do not accept faceup change or custom faceup order.

* Dolls are shipped within 60 days since payment confirmed date.

* Accessories in the photo are not included.



* Size information


Height : 16cm
Head : 5.8inch
Neck : 4.4cm
Chest size : 8.7cm
Waist : 8.9cm
Hip : 9.8cm
Arm : 4cm
Waist~ankle : 6.8cm
Foot : 2.3cm