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It’s "Kitty Ear parts" for Lina ChouChou’s Bebe Chou line.

It also works on Petit chou. (it might be tighter than other models)


* How To Install

1. Stick the included magnets to the head cover with tape. These magnets should be in the opposite pole with the magnets on Kitty-Ear parts.


2. Take a wig on.


3. Attach the Kitty-Ear parts on the wig.


4. Complete!




* If you would like to attach Kitty-Ears on Hats or bonnets, you just need to stick magnets to the inside of the hats.


* Included: a pair of Kitty-Ears with build-in magnets. Magnet x 2


* Kitty-Ears are not painted and there is only white-skin type.


* You can attach and detach Kitty-Ears easily.


* Since Kitty-Ears are held by magnets, it could be detached by external impact.


* Kitty-Ears are a customized order. Therefore, shipping will take two weeks since you make an order.