Dreamy Marie
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*Sold in limited quantity, on Oct.17th, 2016 at pm 1:00 .

* Special Limited*

Dreamy Marie (Limited to 5 sets worldwide.)
Make up Design : Lina
Special make up ( airbrush )
Skin : White
Wig :  Babypink curl
Eyes : Glass Cobalt  (16mm)


Outfit Design: Fairyfable

       dress , bonnet, petticoat , short stocking
Shoes : White Maryjane (matt)


* Including 

Doll (head + body)
Faceup (including eyelashes)
Basic box

* Limited items are not restocked after sold out.

* Faceup work is handwork so that there can be natural difference among faceup. 


* "Dreamy Marie" is a pre-made product and will be shipped on 10.20.Thu.