Azure Lavinia
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June 4th, 2017 at a.m.11:00 - June 7th,2017 at p.m. 5:00(KST).



Azure  Lavinia

Make up Design : Normem


Skin : White


Wig : Blond pigtail


Eyes : Glass Cobalt (14mm)


Outfit Design : Lina chouchou
    Bear head dress ,  Dress , Apron, Pumpkin pants , Socks
Shoes :  White Maryjane  (matt)



* Including *


Doll (head + body)
Faceup (including eyelashes)
Basic box



* Limited items are not restocked after sold out.

* Faceup work is handwork so that there can be natural difference among faceup.

* Please understand that we do not accept faceup change or custom faceup order.

* Dolls are shipped within 65 days since payment confirmed date.

* Accessories in the photo are not included.





* Size information *


Circumference of Head

Circumference of neck

Girth of Bust

Width of Shoulders (from right to left)

Girth of Waist

Length of Arm (from shoulder to wrist)

Length of Hand

Girth of Hips

Length of Leg (from thigh ball to ankle)

 Length of Foot